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Spring classes &

a quick prompt!

Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash

It’s hard to talk about spring while “in the midst of winter.” (Thank you Camus, for your glorious and evergreen quote about being.. well, evergreen! “In the midst of winter, I found in myself an invincible summer.” A perpetual source of delight and inspiration for me comes from teaching, and meeting kindred spirits and beautiful souls through this heart work. I’m so glad my spring classes are already underway!

This spring I’m teaching:

Inviting the Poetic Sequence

Natural Wonder: Poet as Scientist (part 2) *No need to have taken part 1 – these are independent of each other/contain unique content.

Tarot Poems

*I’m also leading a Cozy Writing Morning Retreat via Zoom in the summer, and offer submissions coaching, creative cheerleading (with individualized prompts and support to your writing routine/process) and poetry manuscript 1:1s tailored to your goals as a writer. If you’d like more information about any of these, please reach out to me and/or sign up for my email list. <3

**Workshops I’ve taught in the past, and will probably repeat in some iteration in the future:

Free Range: Poems from Your Phone’s Camera

10 Weeks to a Better Writing Practice

Writing Winter Poems Inspired by Mary Oliver

Hygge Poems: Writing the Cold Away with the Cozy Danish Concept

Very Superstitious (poetry)

Beyond Ekphrasis

Night Writer: Poems from the Darkness

Natural Wonder: Poet as Scientist (part 1)

Haunted Poems

Guilty Pleasures: Poems of Indulgence

Stay tuned! Changes are afoot on this website!


Write a poem where what’s revealed isn’t all that’s happening. Allow what’s at work underground to push up through the center of your poem as you focus your gaze elsewhere. As it emerges, reveal the image of what’s growing little by little. This doesn’t have to be a seed! Perhaps it’s a community event, a relationship just at its beginnings, or a new appreciation for something you only just now became aware of.

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