Alma Almanac (9780997318456): Winn, Sarah Ann: Books -

Alma Almanac 

*Winner of the 2016 Barrow Street Book Prize, selected by Elaine Equi, and published by Barrow Street Press in 2017. Available here.



NEW! Ever After the End Matter, Porkbelly Press, 2019 available here.


Haunting the Last House on Holland Island, Porkbelly Press, 2016 available here.


Field Guide to Alma Avenue and Frew Drive, Essay Press, 2016, selected by contest judge Krystal Languell, available for free download here.

portage cover

Portage available from Sundress Publications for FREE.


Alternating Current Press – “Baldwin Apples” *winner, Luminaire Award

Apeiron Review Issue 6 – “My 95” and 3 photos

Avatar Review – “Aubade” and “Falls”

Bitterzoet Magazine – “Seven Reasons to Sew Shirts for Swans”

The Boiler – “Haunting Holland Island, a ghost cento,” “Revising Holland Island”

Bluestem Magazine – “Wild Rhododendrons”

Bodega – “Magritte, at Night”

Cider Press Review – To Preserve November”

Codex Journal – “Turnpike Elegy”

Conium Review – “Appendix U” *runner up, Flash Fiction Contest, judged by Ashley Farmer

Dirty Chai – “Dot & Bo in the Floating Farmhouse,” “Dot and Bo Build a Minaret”

District Lit – “New Project to Digitize 10,000 Sci-Fi Zines”

Driftwood Press – “Holland Island Fantasy Baseball”

Egg – “Oil Dreams”

Entropy Mini Syllabus – “Eight Phases: a lunar bibliography/road map/study guide”

Escarp – “Hollow Wasps”

Flycatcher: a Journal of Native Imagination – “Alma” *nominated for Pushcart Prize

Found Poetry Review Bowietry David Bowie Tribute issue: “Best of” parts 1-6

FreezeRay – “The Moving Castle Falls in Love with Baba Yaga’s Cottage”

Gingerbread House – “Appendix Bread”

The Golden Key – “Appendix Snow,” “Appendix Glass,” “Appendix Rose”

The Good Men Project – “Floats,” “Glinda Leaves Oz,” “Glinda Meets the Tow Truck Driver” (reprints)

Winter themed issue of Halcyon – “Snowy Day, Icy Roads”

Memory issue of Halfway Down the Stairs – “Delayed Exposure, Close to Home”

Heron Tree – “Cranesbill”

Hermeneutic Chaos Journal – “Invasive Species”

Hobart – “Tim Gunn Advises Wallace Stevens in the Project Runway Workroom,” “Self Portrait as Julia Child’s Canard a l’Orange,” “Half Off at the Night Market”

Ideomancer – “For a Lighter Spring Carryon”

Sacred Words issue of Ilanot Review – “Mandala”

Infoxicated Corner – “Appendix H,” “Appendix J,” “Appendix K”

Ishaan Literary Review – “Earthenware,” “Deconstructed” and “Saving Holland Island”

Journal of Compressed Creative Arts – “Holland Island Ghost Walk”

KYSO Flash – “The Cruelest Month” *finalist, Triple F Writing Contest

Lines + Stars – “Appendix I”

Lost River Review – “In House Field Survey” and 1 photo

Lowestoft Chronicle  June 2014 – “Gait”

Lunch Ticket – “Our Lady of the Highways”

Massachusetts Review – “From the Wind Up Cathedral”

Menacing Hedge – “Glinda Enters Chadd’s Ford,” Glinda Enters Narnia,” “Glinda Takes Off Her Makeup,” “Glinda Enters the Ring Cycle,” “Glinda Enters Kansas,” Glinda Enters the Chocolate Factory”

Classic Lit on the Side issue of Midnight Circus – “We Decide to Adopt”

Mipoesias – “Hand Stitched”

Mistress – “The Kitchen Witch at Imbolc,” “Dress Form, Large”

Nashville Review – “Glinda and Miss Havisham Discuss Alternatives,” “Glinda and the Astronomer Talk About Marriage,” “Glinda Leaves Oz”

New Flash Fiction Review – “Nocturne”

NonBinary Review Brothers Grimm themed Issue – “Appetite” *Nominated for Best of the Net

NonBinary Review Wizard of Oz themed issue – “To(to)”

Nottingham Review – “Storm Loss”

Open Letters Monthly – “Cabin with Porthole”

Pioneertown – “Spring Errata”

Portland Review – “Gertrude Stein’s Poodle” and “Ezra Pound at the Pound”

Quail Bell – “Appendix H” and “Appendix K” (reprint)

Quarterly West – “Appendix O,” “Appendix Q,” “Appendix R”

Currency themed issue of riverbabble – “Skyless”

Radar Poetry – “Dot & Bo in the Cobbler’s Den,” “Dot & Bo in Space,” “Dot & Bo Try Mid-Century Classic,” “Dot & Bo: Fever Dream,” “Dot Is Inspired to Travel,” “Dot & Bo: Yard Sale”

Rappahannock Review – “Cento for the Last House on Holland Island, Fallen into the Bay”

Really System – “Rolling Acres Mall, Abandoned” and “Suburban Thaw”

Requited Journal – “Appendix L,” “Appendix M,” “Motherland”

RHINO – “Appendix P”

Right Hand Pointing – “Arizona” and “Seven”

Silver Birch Me as a Child themed series – “Dirt Road Delirium”

Spiral Orb – “Bewilderness”

Stirring – “The Horsehead Nebula,” “The Museumobile,” “Ode to the Pull-off Between Havre de Grace and Exit 4B” 

Switchback – “Appendix N”

Three Drops from a Cauldron – “Kitsune”

Thrice Fiction – “How to Make Love Without Feeling”

Tupelo Quarterly – “Field Guide to Alma Avenue and Frew Drive” *finalist, Prose Open Contest, 2015

Vine Leaves Literary Journal – “Apology” (Included in Best of Vine Leaves anthology, available from Amazon.)

Whale Road Review – “Glinda Tries Travel Via Tornado”

Winged: New Writing on Bees – “Yard Classifieds”

Coming soon:

Bared anthology – “Dear Lefty and Righty”

Bone Bouquet – “Dot & Bo Age in Oak,” “Dot & Bo Go Stable Chic”

CALYX – “I Invite Grief to Dinner”

Cossack Review – “Eighth Ocean Algebra”

The Fem – “Glinda Watches the Wizard of Oz”

Five Points – “Making the Bed”

Gravel – “Glinda at the Home Depot”

Hayden’s Ferry Review – “Appendix V”

Kestral – “Glinda Does Laundry,” “Glinda the Good in a Jane Austen Novel,” “Preparations”

New Poetry from the Midwest anthology – “Floats (reprint),” “How to Fold a Dream”

Passages North – “Appendix Crimson” and “Color Therapy with Rothko’s Lab”

Phantom Drift – “How to Haunt”

Southern Women’s Review – “Last House Water Lore”

Storm Cellar – “Introducing the Midwest Amazon”

Talking Writing – “Exhibition Catalogue Pamphlet from the Grimm Forest Open Air Museum”

Print or Online Paid Content:

111o/7 – “Appendix F,” “Appendix G” available in print from Miel Books here.

Bayou – “Elizabeth Bishop’s Collie”

Bop Dead City – “Sargasso Sea” *contest winner

Cobalt Review – “Field Guide” *winner, Gabriela Mistral Poetry Prize, 2014

Day One – “Glinda Meets the Tow Truck Driver”

[d]ecember – “I Consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be Too Costly,” “From the Scaffold” and “Breadcrumbs for Giants”

Dreamscape Press’ Haiku of the Dead anthology – “Undead Longing”

Great Weather for Media’s anthology, I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand – “Appendix C,” “Appendix D,” “Appendix E”

Little Patuxent Review – “Skimmer”

The Maine Review – “I Consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be Too Costly (reprint)”

Meat for Tea: the Valley Review – “Twig Tea”

Midwestern Gothic – “Field Identification (reprint)”

The Northern Virginia Review – “Glinda at the East Main Street Rummage Sale and Church Bazaar,” “Glinda on the Wire” (full issue available only in print)

Northern Virginia Review – “Magritte’s Hound”

Pirene’s Fountain – “Housewarming Holland Island”

Prick of the Spindle – “Appendix Skin,” “Appendix Char,” and “Seven Reasons to Sew Shirts for Swans (reprint)”

Work themed issue Spring 2014 of San Pedro River Review – “Floats”

Seasons of Grace anthology – “Pastoral Hymnal”

Sugared Water: Myth+Magic – “How to Fold a Dream”

Science themed issue of The Nassau Review – “Variable Stars”

Trickster – “Appendix A,” “Appendix B”

Two of Cups Full: an Anthology of Moon Poems – “Painting the Early Sky”

Two Thirds North – “Toad Cactus”

Unsettling Wonder’s Why Would Anyone Enchant That? themed issue – “Dusted”

Vector Press – “Baldwin Apples”

The World Is Charged: Poetic Engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins anthology  (Liverpool University Press) – “The Baker Falls for Hopkins”

Defunct Publications:

Ariadne’s Thread (bandwidth exceeded, so may return) – “Sketching from Life” *winner of Ariadne’s Thread Poetry Prize

Extract(s) – “Floats,” “I Consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be Too Costly,” “Sketching from Life” (all reprints)

Stone Highway Review – “Theater of March”


Rebecca Cook’s Women to Watch series

The Chapbook Interview with Laura Madeleine Wiseman about all sorts of chapbook related things

Speaking of Marvels

Carpe Noctum chapbook interview on Nicole Ross Rollendar’s beautiful page.

Sundress Blog author interview

Poetic silliness with Fill in the Blanks on Donna Vorreyer’s blog

Rappahannock Review contributor spotlight

Bop Dead City 2nd Annual Flash Poetry Contest Winner Interview

Mini-interview with M. Mack on the SAFTAcast, episode 22A

Full interview on the SAFTAcast, episode 53

Midwestern Gothic contributor spotlight


Sarah is the founder of Poet Camp, a roving residency. (Email or click thru for more info!)

The Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC recently hosted her for a one night residency, as part of their Poets are Present program in conjunction with the play, Metromaniacs. They tasked her with writing a response piece (by 9 am the next morning!), which you can read here.

You can read her review of Sandy Longhorn’s Girlhood Book of Prairie Myths on the Collagist website linked HERE.

She has also blogged and reviewed books for School Library Journal and So to Speak.

Her poetry has been featured in George Mason University’s collaborative art exhibit, Call and Response in 2012 (in collaboration with photographer Steven Skowron) and 2014 (in collaboration with photographer Rahshia Sawyer).

Her photo came in third in the Hal Prize and is featured in Peninsula Pulse, 2014.

Her blogs for Sundress Publications can be read here and here.

As a Sally Merton Fellow in the Arlington and Fairfax county school districts, she taught weekly creative writing classes first and second graders and high school students during the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years.

People have said kind things about her poems here and here and here. (Thanks, Luna Luna, Change 7 and Alien Mouth!)

Jennifer Macbain Stevens did an in-depth review of Portage for Horse Less Press, which you can read here.

Portage was featured in the “Give It to Me e-Gain” chapbooks roundup on Cahoodaloodaling.

You can hear her read one of her favorites, Mark Doty’s “A Display of Mackerel” on Lyric Essentials, and read why in her chat with Christopher Petruccelli here.

Additional Awards:

Her chapbook, Portage, was selected by the editors for publication, after being runner up in Sundress Publications’ annual chapbook competition.

Her chapbook, Field Guide to Alma Avenue and Frew Drive, was selected for publication as a winner of the Essay Press chapbook contest by Krystal Languell.

Six of her poems won Radar Poetry’s Coniston Prize, as judged by Gabrielle Calvocoressi.

Her poem, “I Consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be Too Costly” was a finalist for the Jeff Marks Memorial Prize.

Her poem, “Sketching from Life,” was an honorable mention in Shenandoah’s Graybeal-Gowen Prize for Virginia Poets, judged by Juliana Daugherty.

Her poem, “Field Guide,” won the Virginia Downs award, judged by C. Dale Young.

Her poem, “I Consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be Too Costly,” was a finalist for the Luminaire Award.

Her poem, “Eighth Ocean Algebra,” was a finalist for the October Prize.

Panels and Workshops:

Panel, “We Join These Fairy Tales Already in Progress,” Pop Culture Association National Convention, 2019, Washington, DC

Panel Chair, “Fairy Tales Reimagined.” Indie Lit Festival, Frostburg State University.

Panel Chair, “Re-imagining the Fairy Tale.” June 2017. AwesomeCon, Washington, DC.

Chapbook Panelist. New Leaves Conference, Spring 2015. George Mason University.

Monsterworks: Hybrid Genres and Revision. Workshop co-facilitated with M. Mack

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