Archived work

111o/7 – “Appendix F,” “Appendix G” available in print from Miel Books here.

Bared anthology – “Dear Lefty and Righty”

Bayou – “Elizabeth Bishop’s Collie”

Bop Dead City – “Sargasso Sea” *contest winner

CALYX – “I Invite Grief to Dinner”

Cobalt Review – “Field Guide” *winner, Gabriela Mistral Poetry Prize, 2014

Day One – “Glinda Meets the Tow Truck Driver”

[d]ecember – “I Consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be Too Costly,” “From the Scaffold” and “Breadcrumbs for Giants”

Dreamscape Press’ Haiku of the Dead anthology – “Undead Longing”

Driftwood Press – “Holland Island Fantasy Baseball”

Five Points – “Making the Bed”

Great Weather for Media’s anthology, I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand – “Appendix C,” “Appendix D,” “Appendix E”

Interim (print issue 38.1) – “The Giant Marionettes of Royal de Luxe Find Each Other”

Kestral – “Glinda Does Laundry,” “Glinda the Good in a Jane Austen Novel,” “Preparations”

Little Patuxent Review – “Skimmer”

The Maine Review – “I Consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be Too Costly (reprint)”

Meat for Tea: the Valley Review – “Twig Tea”

Midwestern Gothic – “Field Identification (reprint)”

New Poetry from the Midwest anthology – “Floats (reprint),” “How to Fold a Dream” (Okla Eliot, ed.)

NonBinary Review Brothers Grimm themed Issue – “Appetite” *Nominated for Best of the Net

NonBinary Review Wizard of Oz themed issue – “To(to)”

The Northern Virginia Review – “Glinda at the East Main Street Rummage Sale and Church Bazaar,” “Glinda on the Wire” (full issue available only in print)

Northern Virginia Review – “Magritte’s Hound”

Pirene’s Fountain – “Housewarming Holland Island”

Phantom Drift – “How to Haunt”

Prick of the Spindle – “Appendix Skin,” “Appendix Char,” and “Seven Reasons to Sew Shirts for Swans (reprint)”

Work themed issue Spring 2014 of San Pedro River Review – “Floats”

Seasons of Grace anthology – “Pastoral Hymnal”

Snow Crow: Bath Flash Fiction Anthology – “Airport Security”

Sugared Water: Myth+Magic – “How to Fold a Dream”

Science themed issue of The Nassau Review – “Variable Stars”

Trickster – “Appendix A,” “Appendix B”

Two of Cups Full: an Anthology of Moon Poems – “Painting the Early Sky”

Two Thirds North – “Toad Cactus”

Unsettling Wonder’s Why Would Anyone Enchant That? themed issue – “Dusted”

Vector Press – “Baldwin Apples”

Vine Leaves Literary Journal – “Apology” (Included in Best of Vine Leaves anthology, available from Amazon.)

The World Is Charged: Poetic Engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins anthology  (Liverpool University Press) – “The Baker Falls for Hopkins”