Five Fab Things – Art as Inspiration/Ekphrasis

I love art which is inspired by other art!

This week’s prompt: Write a poem in response to something you see on one of these fantastic art websites.

1. Jealous Curator – Often pastel, frequently abstract, the art curated here is always interesting/unexpected. Proof curation’s its own form of creative expression.

2. HyperAllergic – The headlines alone often send me into a free-writing frenzy.

3. Artist a Day – It’s hard not getting lost in this site, but if you limit yourself/your poem to one gallery, you should be ok… *heehee*

4. Museum of Modern Art – From the comfort of your chair, you can explore exhibits themed in such a way as to practically prompt you with each page.

5. Metropolitan Museum of Art – Love their Artwork of the Day feature!

Statue from Merriweather House (c) SAW

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