Distraction as motivation

rusty heartIt never fails – I sit down at my messy desk to submit, and I come across amazing prompts for poems. I sit down at my messy desk to write, and suddenly there are a thousand deadlines looming. Fortunately, like the savvy mom who only gives her kids choices which work for her, both of these serve my writing life.

Even this blog post is conveniently preventing me from submitting work or writing poems. So long as it relates, I let myself go a little bit wild. It usually balances out in work of a different kind later in the day, or, if not, tomorrow.

Today’s prompt comes from Poor Claudia (whose submission guidelines tickle my brain in all the right ways):

Ten sources combines multimedia and prose poem into a sort of autobiography – love this idea for hybrid work. (What would your ten sources be? Snippets of story? Web links? A song you can’t get out of your head?):


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