Writing the understated


I left my sunglasses at our state arboretum, which is an hour away from the house.  One part of me was unhappy to go back, because in my mind, it’s at its best in the spring and summer, when the colors are wildly various, and I can walk the bridle path, which feels like a lush green tunnel.  

I took my camera, and discovered that once the gingko’s drop their leaves, and the florid obvious beauty wanes, beyond it is a different sort of loveliness.  I came back and did some writing, wondering what is behind the obviously beautiful, or the obviously fascinating that could be uncovered in my own writing.  More interesting poems were lurking there than I’d have ever suspected.  

Take a look at your backyard.  Find the dried blossoms, the gracefully frozen leaf.  Look at a piece of writing you’ve already finished.  Age it in your mind – where is the beauty going next?  Invite it out with today’s prompt.




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